To Alcove, for all that we seek in writing.

The creation of just another blog might not come as a surprise to you. Writing, in Law School, is as pervasive as fumigated air now. But trust us when we say we are here to surprise you. In our more than two years of college, we have realized that there is something that sets us apart – the ability to make time for literature no matter how strenuous Law School gets.

Through the course of our daily reading, a myriad of questions arose in our minds. Some we found answers to, most we are still struggling with. This blog, for us, is a way to give an outlet to those questions and the thoughts that accompanied them. It is also an experiment. We are challenging our comfort zones and, in the process, hoping to rediscover our love for writing.

A caveat, dear readers. Here, we are not promising you perfection. Our writing might seem to be in a total disarray, if you look closer. A lack of symmetry will permeate many of our paragraphs, and we will draw absurd connections between drastically different works. If you encounter any of these, we will know that we are doing a good job testing the limits of our thoughts.

We’ll be more than happy to make you a part of this experiment. Through this ‘thing’, as Sumit would call it, we are also trying to build a relationship with you. Hence, it is crucial to lay down our expectations here. Dear readers, we expect you to enliven what we offer to you in howsoever crude a form. We want you to engage with us on our writing, lead us to conclusions we were too blinkered to think about, tell us about some obscure literary device you came across and, through all of this, give us something valuable to take back home. However, remember, that there will be weeks when we will not have anything new to offer. It is here that we seek a bit of patience, and a bit of trust. So, do stay around, for what we aim for in this endeavor is not quantity, but depth. Some might contest that none of this will bolster our careers, or that we are spending time on something that will not assist us professionally. Well, in the past, we have had a multitude of inhibitions in the things we have pursued, which have given us nothing but regrets. We feel like we have been hiding in the Alcove for far too long now. It is time to put up some fairy lights!